No Good, contd.

It seems I have a bit of emergency on my hands. A bunch of devices shipped on June 4th got somehow damaged in transit – crushed by the looks of it. If your device was shipped on that day, inspect it well before connecting to the console. Email me if you spot any damage – I will repair or replace all affected units.

To add insult to injury – judging by the photos I got not even cardboard boxes would’ve prevented this damage. The bubble wrap needs only to last that one trip and I even got envelopes returned to me from USA being almost flat by then and yet there was no damage to the PCB or FFC. I sure hope this was a one-time event and won’t happen anymore.

But that’s just part one of the problem. Part two is I’ve run out of the plastic pegs for Phoebe because my supplier messed up, and now I’ll have to wait 4-6 more weeks to get what I ordered. This particular size is rather uncommon and hard to get. Point here is I need to keep more Type-3 ODEs on hand as replacements for the damaged ones, and with the peg shortage it means I have to pause all remaining orders. Sorry but if you are still waiting for the payment request, good chances are you are going to wait some more. Unless I can get something else to fit in there.

Peg shortage also affects Rhea – so I won’t be taking orders until this is resolved – but GDEMU is unaffected and will start shipping next week.