The Eternal March

If you didn’t get your Phoebe payment request by today you will have to wait some more. Worst case is 3-4 more weeks. We had some production delays and I’m short on Type-2 devices, as well as a couple of Type-4. This however serves as a reminder, to me, why I should never do the long queues you people constantly ask for. You have no patience. And I have none to spare.

What I do have is some Rheas since we usually make both Saturn ODEs at the same time. I will open orders this weekend though I fully expect it will turn out just like Phoebes did – the emails will be delayed and I’ll get flooded with too many orders. I’ll decide how to tackle it once I have a full picture of the disaster.

Note that I am very busy ATM and will be during this whole month. Spamming me with “is it ready yet” messages annoys me so I’ve started to ignore those.

Oh and as for DocBrown, I’ll start shipping those out soon. I’m working on something related and was hoping to have it ready by now, and I kind of do but it needs more polishing. So there is no point in futher delays, the current menu software works well enough as-is.

UPDATE: Rhea orders are now open closed.