Rhea orders will open this Saturday at 12:00 CEST. There’s a catch though.

Up until now the ordering page would ask whether you need pegs for VA0 or VA1 console but more often than not I’d pack both anyway since many of you are just too lazy to actually check, and/or would get the selection wrong and email me later to correct it. This is easier but also wasteful since most people would just throw away one set of pegs.

Well, with the pegs shortage I had to come up with something else – and that’s pegs with threaded end and a small nut. These work really well but I only got a limited amount since I wanted black ones and only one size was available in that color. Then it turned out packing those small nuts is a problem because they tend to get easily lost – a way around it is to screw them onto the peg for transport. At which point I discovered that making these peg+nut sets this way is such an annoying and slow process that I don’t want to do it unless I have to.

So, this time you will get the VA0/VA1 thing right the first time when ordering. If I get another flood of emails telling me to change the selection I will start canceling such orders. Seriously, I tell you the orders will open days in advance. If you can’t be bothered to check and write down what you need, why should I. You will only get that one set that you ordered and I will not send you a different one afterwards – the amount of work (packing, stamping envelope, paperwork, posting it, answering “where is my package” emails) for just 2 small plastic pegs is not worth my time.

In other news, more DocBrowns will be coming soon as well (2 weeks or so). There will be a small break afterwards because I really need some free time to work on FW updates and FM Towns prototypes.