Heigh-ho, Heigh-ho

The parts I needed for GDEMU have now arrived but I’m already a week behind schedule, and I still have to actually make and test the devices so that’s going to be another week at best. Shipping anything during that time is pretty much guaranteed to take much longer than usual to arrive due to general Xmas shopping spree, in fact you’ll be lucky to get your GDEMU in 2014 still. What’s more, it turns out I will be away from home, visiting family. That means no games will be played, er, I mean no GDEMUs will be made anyway during holiday.

Very sorry about this but at this point there’s simply nothing I can do.

I should be able to deliver the early Rheas though, I have one fully assembled (but not yet even programmed) and the rest should be ready in few days if there are no problem with the first unit.


The gold on black looks nice, doesn’t it? I might go that route for some of the last GDEMUs as well.

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  1. Indeed, black’n gold looks really nice. Can’t say how much I’m lovin all of your stuff. Enjoy the holidays! Thanks for everything.

    • So you haven’t actually paid yet then? I was worried I might have missed out. Last I heard was I would receive a PayPal payment request when they were ready 🙂 That was almost 2 weeks ago.

      • Not yet, as Deunan said, he waits to have the units ready to send the payment request. But he assured me that I’m in “the list” for the first stock of v3..
        I hope that he doesn’t forget me 🙂

  2. The black and gold looks awesome, I’m so looking forward to this device! 🙂
    Just out of curiosity… can the button be extended on Rhea like on the GDEMU (for an external up/down switch)

    • Somewhat. There are no extra solder points for that (JP1 is reserved for future use, possibly LCD if software menu is not feasible) so right now you can only duplicate the up button by soldering wires to it.

      • Don’t want to bother you, but what do think about the feasibility of the menu? It will be possible according to you? By the way I can imagine that is to soon to talk about that..just curious if you developed rhea with that feature in mind or not 🙂
        I think that the gdemu+gdmenu+gdemu_SD are the best.
        I’m preferring this combination to de mnemo ode (witch I have too) especially for your constant updates and user support!

      • Too early to say. CD block is a HAL that does a lot of sanitizing so you can’t just pass custom commands to the drive from SH2 side. Workarounds might be difficult and/or ugly slow.

      • Thanks for the reply! I’m secure that Rhea will he a masterpiece like its predecessor!

  3. Hello 🙂
    As i prefer the GoldOnBlack version, I don’t bother to be one of the last served for the GDEMU (as for the Rhea). Keep on the good job !

  4. the only day I overslept and the site gets updated…lol
    just waiting for the email…wherever your ready!

  5. Like the black and gold. Too bad it has to be hidden away inside the console.

  6. Christmas is getting closer, Looking forward to the rhea! and I love the gold/black pcb.

  7. Did I miss a rhea preorder or something? I didn’t realize a list was already being made… :/

    • Never mind I saw it now… Welp I guess I’m just stuck waiting till the next batch.

  8. In all honesty, I would prefer it if you didn’t ship until after the holidays, at least to the United States. The US Postal system has been backlogged with a nearly 25% increase in shipments since “Cyber Monday.” Have a nice, relaxing holiday time, and come back in the new year relaxed and refreshed.

  9. Yay!! Payment request received and payment done! Thank you for tour hard work!

  10. deunan,you have my paypal for the rhea?
    if not,then i will email it to you,because you ask for it a week ago,sended it but did not hear from you if you received it well.
    Keep up the good work.

    • First, both CDDA and AICA clock are digital, there is nothing to “low pass” here unless you run a ditigal filter on it – which I dont. I mean, why would I even bother.
      Second, the problem is apparently with all sounds, not just CDDA, and GDEMU has simply no way to affect that. If AICA master clock was wrong it would affect the pitch, and/or produce audible clicks.
      Third, the difference, if any, is very subtle, and could as well be attributed to different PSU voltages, thus ever so slightly different bias of the audio amps. Somehing that might as well happen without GDEMU due to PSU getting older or being more noisy in general.
      Fourth, it could also be that what people perceive as muffled sound is simply the correct audio, not having a high frequency noise which is usually interpreted by listeners as “more sharp”.

      Some actual tests with pure sinusoidal signal at several frequencies and a distortion meter (or better yet a good spectrum analyzer) would be needed to even confirm the issue.

      TL;DR: Not a bug. No action will be taken.

  11. There will be no new batch of the GDEMU? Or will the preorder/ordering will be available again if you finished the current batch for all the preorders still in the queue?

    Thanks in advance

    • There should be some more in 2015 but right now I’m swamped and don’t accept any more orders.

      • Hi,
        Ive sent you a mail some days ago asking for a new gdemu, I’ve asked for it answering at one of the mails used to order the Reah.
        Unfotunately I had no answer..
        I know that you are full of work with your fantastic products, but I’d like to know if I’m on the order list or I need to order it again in 2015 🙂
        Thank you and happy holidays

      • Hm, didn’t see it. Well, if you got my mail that I’ve added you to the list, you’re still on it. I don’t remove people’s order without sending a notification.

      • Ok, no problem. Just want to get one within next year. Don’t need to hurry, I can wait a few months.

        Best Regards

  12. You misunderstood, my bad, I’ve ordered the Rhea and I think I will receive it tomorrow, but I replied, some days ago, at the same mail used from you to confirm my Rhea order, asking if it was possible to be inserted on the queue for another GDEMU, but I got no answer at this time.
    Just like to know if you’ve read my mail and put me on the queue or it was too late and I will need to send a new request when you will produce other GDEMU again!
    Thank you for the patience 🙂

    • Well, I’ve checked and don’t see you on the list, must’ve missed or misread that mail. You’d have to wait until 2015 to get your GDEMU anyway so might as well order later 🙂

      • OK no problem! thank you for your reply! Keep one for me, I will be sniping your website everyday from the 1st Jan XD

        anyway take you time!

  13. Hi there, just found out about this and would really like to buy one. I notice preorders are closed at the mo, will they be opening again soon?


  14. I posted in excitement, and have just read the ones above, I’ll keep an eye out in 2015. Two quick ones more though: Does the SD card allow games to be booted region free (save getting a mod chip)? And do I need a specific version of DC mother board revision?

    Thanks – can’t wait for the Saturn one to come out too!

    • Depends which product you’re referring to? GDEMU doesn’t do anything about region, but Rhea has the ability to auto-patch the games.
      And yes, you need VA1 Dreamcast. Read the pages linked on the grey bar, it’s explained in more detail there.

  15. That’s cool, thanks for the response. I’ll have a bit more of a read. I still must have one though!

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