All Rheas have been shipped and I’ve started planning for the next batch of ODEs. Initially I wanted to make more GDEMUs but there’s a problem…

Once again I found out that someone has bought out all the plastic pegs that I use for GDEMU. Like, a few thousans of them that were just sitting there, undisturbed for months, so I figured no need to rush with purchases, right? Well, apparently not so. Obviosuly I orderd more but my supplier replied they don’t expect them any sooner than week 14 of 2017. And that is the problem, I have some left but the bag is almost empty.

There’s still a chance I will get the pegs earlier – I’m not going to bet on this though so I’ll make more Phoebes now along with GDEMUs. I really dislike doing two things at once because it’s slower but I don’t have much choice now. I’ll try to build a small buffer first and sometime in the middle of February I’ll open orders again. GDEMU run will be pretty short due to that peg shortage issue. There is a potential workaround for this, namely cutting longer pegs that are available to required length but I don’t have tools to do it quickly and nicely. So it’s a backup solution but not one I’m looking foward to.

Also, very sorry for the lack of PCE photos, there hasn’t been much progress since December, I was pretty busy. I have not abandoned that project, nor shifted my focus to anything else.

45 thoughts on “Thunderstruck

  1. Thank you for the update, I’m really looking forward to the pce news, but take your time!

  2. Outstanding! I’ll be ordering both a phoebe and GDEMU assuming I see the notification in time. Thanks for the great work.

  3. Thank you for the update. I hope you will be able to open GDEMU ordering in February!

  4. Thanks for the update. As a happy owner of both a GDEmu and a Rhea, I can’t wait for the PCE project. 🙂 Can you share any prelim info (e.g. which model CDROM2 is it for, how much of it will it replace, will we still need the Arcade Card, ect)?

    • LOL, what list? There is no list, you just have to be lucky to be online and have this site on your screen to catch that ordering-window. Don’t leave your desk, don’t go to the bathroom, don’t blink. The ordering moment is over before you realized it was even there.

      Most people that sell stuff like this do have lists, or offer pre-orders, gdemu doesn’t, unfortunately.

  5. hope i will catch a gdemu a friend of mine is exited when see mine so i will order one for him

  6. I’ve already got my GDEMU and love it, but I still love reading these updates, for inquiring minds (and because I love this type of stuff): what other possible use does such a plastic peg hold? I am honestly surprised that there was even an off the shelf part that met the needs as a peg holder for the various ODE’s is this a common part amongst suppliers? I would have thought it was custom fabricated for your use.

    The only alternative use I can imagine is some type of stand-off to avoid shorting (but now that I think about it that’s what its used for in the GDEMU… maybe it is common)

    • Custom fabricated? Hah, no. That would make things too expensive. It only makes sense when you do a lot of devices, that’s not the case here.
      I use only off-the-shelf stuff and that’s why some of my projects are/were late and/or evolved after initial sales.

      • What about 3d printed pegs? It seems like they could potentially be mass produced on a 3d printer for not very much of a cost. Even a cheap 3d printer could probably make them as I don’t believe the tolerances are all that precise are they?

      • If we’re talking about a small production run (under 100) then I could probably print them for you; just let me know the dimensions (outer diameter, inner diameter) and length of the pegs. Otherwise, if you need more then it might be a little too time consuming for me to do the printing but I’d be happy to design the 3D model for the part at least.

  7. Does anyone know how to contact vmuscript, need to talk to that person, can’t seem to contact need info on emulation of DC vmu bio emulation, plz contact me

  8. I see others beat me to it. Plastic trays are the answer. Most of us plan to get one anyway, so the pegs could be optional or not needed. I’d be glad to finally get one without. Have Rhea Pheobe but no GDemu yet (what brought me here two years ago! :D)

  9. I’m looking forward to ordering a Phoebe finally. I’ve been planning to make a smaller custom case for my Saturn for a while now and have been waiting anxiously for this 🙂

  10. I am interested in both the GDEMU and a Saturn SD reader. I think I might know someone also interested in ordering both as well.

  11. Thanks for the update! Got my paypal ready and waiting for what I’m sure will be the tiny gdemu window. Keep up the good work and take time to enjoy yourself with your other hobbies.

  12. Will be looking forward to ordering a Phoebe. Thank you for the hard work.

  13. Hello,
    I’m checking your website frequently for a long time and I’ve always missed every GDEMU batch, my optical drive is dead and I’d like to play some old games with my kids. Please not another year waiting for nothing.

  14. So glad to see such an open line of communication offered on these projects. Hope I get to be one of the lucky ones some day.

  15. hi , I would be interested in reha or phoebe, when will them be available again?

  16. How do I got about subscribing to e-mail updates to get notified when you start selling pre-orders for the Phoebe? I would love to finally have one but I see no way of subscribing for updates so I can jump on it. Any help in this regard would be MUCH appreciated. Thank you,

  17. @gdemu
    Would you this time consider people who lives to the other side of the world? I mean 10-18 hours difference in time zone.

  18. Hi. I’ve had my Rhea for a year. I’ve probably played around 80 games, all clean images, and I’ve never had an issue with any games until tonight. Elevator Action Returns (JP) froze on the second stage during gameplay, so I had to turn off the system. Purikura Daisakusen (JP) seemed to play fine, but the background music didn’t play during the first or second stage ( I didn’t play past the second stage). Has anyone encountered these issues before?


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