There were so many GDEMU orders (the initial inrush is always very bad) that I had to make a difficult decision. Rather than close orders after 5 minutes and engrage a lot of people I’ve included the units that I don’t yet have – but will, in about 2-3 weeks – in the count.

What that means is some of you will have your devices shipped ASAP and some of you will have to wait.

As usual give me some time to compile the list and send confirmation emails. In fact I’d like to try something new here as well – rather than email you I’m going to request payment for all the devices that I have ready and ship them once you pay. Do note though that I’m unable to do it all at once, it does take time to prepare the envelopes and pack everything, and print address labels, etc. So it might take a week or so, between your payment and actual shipping taking place I mean. It should end up being faster for everyone though, and less work for me.

For the orders that I can’t fulfill right now I’ll send confirmation emails soon. And in case you missed it, Rhea sale will happen tomorrow.

UPDATE: Rhea order opened and closed. One would think there aren’t that many VA0/VA1 Saturns owners out there… Well, more will come in few weeks.

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  1. Hey there. Been trying to get a GDEMU and Rhea/Phoebe for some time now, but I never make the cut in time. Would you mind DMing me on Twitter please? I’m using the same name there – please look me up as it might be of interest to you.

    • I don’t use Twitter. Or Facebook. Nor any other “social media”. In fact I don’t post anywhere apart from this blog.

    • There are probably 100’s of people in your same situation. Do you really expect him to go out of his way to do something like that? Come on, just follow his blog and be ready when he announces when he’s going to reopen preorders.

  2. Been trying to get GDEMU for a loooooooooooong time.
    Why not raise the price, that should make less ppl buy them just to sell on ebay etc

    • Seems like a dick move, though I might have to raise it a bit again to cover some new costs.
      But the interest in GDEMU should eventually die down, I’ll be able to have longer ordering windows.

      • With every year passing by more and more GD-Rom lasers die, so I don’t think demand for GDEMUs with die down anytime soon lol.

  3. I am a happy GDEMU owner from previous batch, got a 3rd party VGA cable plug onto a LG 24″ IPS Monitor, looks incredible, truly ARCADE feel!!!

    • Those Dreamcasts look far too clean and shiny. Why isn’t the white one yellowed with age? Where are the inexplicable Swiss army knife cuts in the black one? Why are there no sticky coffee spills in the inner compartments? Where is all the accumulated fuzz, fluff and grime? WHY DOES IT LOOK LIKE BOTH THE LID MECHANISMS STILL WORK?!

      • There were all of the above (except the cuts and busted lids) when they arrived from eBay. I went to town with cleaners, dust cloths, and detail brushes. I also disassembled the white one, slathered peroxide hair developer gel over the case parts, and left it in an aluminum foil-lined box to bake in the sun for 8 hours. Worked wonders.

  4. Hello, I have been trying to buy a rhea for my saturn and a gdemu for my dreamcast, please, I am a cook and I hardly have time to check my mail and I always arrive late for the preorders, you would be so kind to send request for payment For me, please, please, I am sorry if I have bothered you with my message. The payment will be immediate, greetings and thanks


  5. In the future would it be possible for you to offer a reserve option? That way I can simply pay for it in advanced and be apart of a queue, I wouldn’t mind waiting even if it took a year or two. So long as it’s paid for and I eventually get the modded Saturn.

    • I was saying the same thing. I feel like I’ve been trying for over a year to get these parts.

      • IKR I fail to understand the logic behind this race against time. He’d get a lot less disappointed costumers that way. I struggle to find a reason why “making a waiting list of those who missed the last stock but paid up front” would hurt Mr. GDEMU financially. I don’t think he’d be breaking any laws then again I’m not from his Country.

      • Talk crap about him, that’ll gaurantee you get one! Seriously dude, be thankful that he took the hundreds of hours out of his life to design these products, make prototypes, find a manufacturer, and then sell them online to customers around the world while making minimal profit. He is doing this for love of the community, not to make a living. Would a wait list be nice? Of course it would! However, he has a system that fits his PERSONAL NEEDS of conducting his very small, niche, business that we should feel grateful exists in the first place. Seriously, knock it off.

  6. I have a question: Could I install second BIOS using GDEmu with DreamShell instead SD Loader or disc with .CDI image?

    • You can flash a second bios (piggyback install) that is switched if that’s what you mean. Just copy a Dreamshell CDI that contains the bios files to the SD, boot it as normal and follow the flash proceedure.

      • Thank you very much Kriss 77, I thought I would not be able to install the second BIOS with GDemu and should install the GD-ROM reader.

        Then, I will install in my second BIOS (with piggyback install, yes) JC-BootROM bios by SD of GDemu.

        Thanks again!

  7. People are also scalping them on ebay etc. for $500+ a piece…

    Hopefully being more frequently available will take care of that =)

    • I looked on ebay… Two RHEAs sold in the last week, one guy sold it in the system and said in his auction it was his personal system. The Second was a guy who sold one unopened from the DEV here still in the package it was sent in, the Date on his package was 2015 – I wouldn’t call either of them Scalpers. I would call them people who sold what they owned and used or weren’t going to use.

      Sad truth is there are probably people who buy one just to make some money yet the developer only allowes one purchase per cycle if you are lucky enough to get a preorder in. I have tried to order GDEMU and PHOEBE and I never get lucky enough, still checking the site daily and haoping to grab one. Yet it is much work just to get lucky and wait in hopes to make a hundred bux or so as a scalper. Then again Capitalism rules the world.

      While ebay auctions and such can seem like scalpers, some people just sell off what they own. Personally I sell off my stuff too when the demand for something is high. I bought a PS-IO SD card cart a few years ago for like $200 sold it for $350!! after I payed with it for over a year, I wouldn’t call that scalping. I just let the auction go, people bid it up that high. Granted they got a system with it too.

      • So you bought it for 200 and sold it a year later for 350? I wouldn’t call that scalping no..I’d call that profiteering…

  8. I’ve received today my GDEMU, but unfortunately it’s not working as expected 😦

    @gdemu: I’ve sent to you the details via email.

    Thank you.

    • After cleaning the motherboard/PSU pins of my dreamcast, the GDEMU is working PERFECTLY. Keep it in mind if you notice something weird 🙂

  9. I know you are working on a TG-CD ODE, but would you even consider building one for either a 3DO or Neo-Geo CD? Thanks

  10. Do you have an estimated time for when you will be receiving Rhea/Phoebe orders? Thank you for your time and attention.

  11. Got my GDEMU yesterday and tried to run some games with no luck. My sd card was the problem. I used a 64gb card then switched to a 32gb sandisk and it work perfectly. Gdemu you are amazing!

  12. Hello, i’m having trouble using a sandisk 8g sdcard (interface slowdown, dreamcast reboot).
    Other noname sdcard works fine. Is it a known issue ? If a buy a bigger sdcard should I avoid sandisk ?

  13. I am encountering an odd problem;

    When I first started using the Rhea everything worked fine. So I got around finally to ripping the rest of my games and adding them to the same SD card. However, when I power on the Saturn with the SD card in the rhea it hangs and slow flashes the LED (yellow). And the access light on the Saturn is solid red.

    However, if I power on without the SD card in the Rhea it gets to the “menu” screen of he Saturn. Then I can insert the SD card and it all works until I power it off and back on again.

    Is this a problem with the SD card suddenly stopping working.

      • I did not upgrade the firmware. As it already has 3.8.1 on it. After double checking if I accidentally locked the card, I did not do that either.

      • I figured it out. The card was locked. But apparently after taking it out of my macs ad card reader. Sheesh. But wasn’t all the way locked. Anyway it is fixed now. Thank you much for the help on this!

  14. I did not upgrade the firmware. As it already has 3.8.1 on it. After double checking if I accidentally locked the card, I did not do that either.

  15. I would really like to buy a gdemu, when can I order one? Niw I can not play my Dreamcast Games…. please…. I want a gdemu… 🙂

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