The Rhythm of Everyday Life, contd.

There had to be some page caching issue that, coupled with the massive inrush of orders since I gave the exact opening time, caused way more orders to be accepted than I have stock. WAY more.

So, emergency procedures are now in effect. I will need days to process the emails and weed out duplicates and send confimations. Note that some providers tend to block me since I send out bulk emails – if you don’t hear from me before next Saturday assume your order didn’t get through. But keep an eye on your PayPal account just in case.

The orders will be split into 2 groups. The first will ship in 1-3 weeks, the second will have to wait for more devices – which, considering the weather, may take up to 2 months. So here is your chance to prove that you can indeed sit patiently on a long waiting list. You’ll know what group you’re in once you get the confirmation. Which BTW you should read, it’s not  just a “You got in” email.

Speaking of patience, I did a long list once so I know what’s in store for me. I’m going to make this clear – you bother me for no good reason, and that includes “Is it ready yet?” questions, and I will eventually get annoyed enough to do something about it. Most likely I’ll just cancel your order and ignore you.

And, as I’ve explained last time, all the people that didn’t do their job and check their Saturn type properly before ordering will be penalized by being moved to the end of group 2 orders.

193 thoughts on “The Rhythm of Everyday Life, contd.

  1. Hello everyone! While waiting patiently to pay the phoebe command, do you know which model of SD card passes on the sega saturn? I know that one can put 200gb but I do not know exactly which model?

  2. dont suppose somebody has a link to a complete set thats compatible with the ODE..

  3. Thank you for all these answers very useful to the use of the machine!
    So theCard SD PNY family elite performance is functional! ^^

  4. Hi GDEMU, Hoping your work goes fine, I’m kindly waiting to pay my phoebe command…
    My previous order, the GDEMU ODE, is fantastic, please continue to invent more ODE like it!
    I’m a web designer, If you want some of my services like better graphics on your website, please tell me. 🙂

  5. Thank you again GDEMU. Your service is greatly appreciated.

  6. Hello all,

    I am new to this so i do not want to bother GDEMU so i am looking for advice. I was able to get a phoebe order in group 1 and i understand it can take 3 weeks to get the paypal invoice. I have a friend who is also in group 1 and he got his invoice. I am wondering if it might be because i put a different contact email than my paypal email? I just dont want to miss the one week window if he sent it to the wrong email address. Maybe i am just worrying for nothing and the invoice will come but a part of me is scared that he might have tried to send the invoice to my contact email instead of my paypal email.

    What should i do? I do not want to reply to his email yet and bother him. Thanks!

    • You received the Email stating you were in group one, so you”re fine….. just be patient. Group 1 may consist of 250 orders and he goes thru them one by one in the order they were received. If your #249, it’s going to take longer as he doesn’t ask for an invoice until he’s ready to ship. The payment request will come from the PayPal email address you provided, just keep checking your emails and spam folders.

      • ok thank you i did not realize it was literally one by one thank you i will keep waiting patiently.

    • Just check your paypal account ! Deunan send the paypal request few days ago for all of the guys who are in Group 1 ! Cheers !

      • how did he send a paypal request to all the group 1? I am exactly in this group! On my paypal I still have the old payment of the gdemu for the Dreamscast, there is written “to make another transfer” should I do it?

      • He’s not sending the requests out en masse. They are going out as he completes and tests each one, in turn. Be patient, I’m in group 1 and only just got my payment request a few hours ago.

    • Don’t worry I was in group 1 and have not received my notification to pay yet either. Wouldn’t stress. He said he had a lot of orders. Group 1 would probably take 1-3 weeks or even longer.

      • Sorry brother (#Sosafire) for misunderstanding… but if you don’t get the paypal payment request on your email for sure that will come in your paypal account soon or later !

      • That’s it, received the payment today, I’m looking forward to having it in my hands!

      • looks like i worried for nothing just got the payment request! Thanks again all

  7. I received my PayPal request for payment this past weekend. I just got my tracking info as well (for Phoebe Type 2 in Group 1). Thanks GDEMU!

    • Congrats brother. I paid on the 11th and I’m still waiting for the tracking info. It might just have not been updated in my PayPal, I’m not positive. I’ll just hope it shows up I guess lol.

  8. Yesterday I received my payment invoice and it was already paid! It’s my first request from GDEMU, I look forward to my Phoebe! As I use my Dreamcast with HDD my only video game now that you need SD / HDD is my SegaCD, I hope that soon GDEMU can finalize this device! Thank you GDEMU!

  9. Do you know how the PCBs are produced here? Are they hand-etched? It looks like the owner has never heared on some pcb companys which makes pcbs for him for low price so he can sell faster.

    Dont get me wrong its no offend, i am curious about when i ever can order a board for my lovely saturn? Every time the “orders are closed”. Whats the trick?

      • I dont think i will ever have the time to read the blog.

        It seems the gdemu guy needs some serious help to get the orders all done in time.

        He sits on a pot of gold and doesnt know how to use it right. Very annoying.

    • /Sarcasm on

      Well if you don’t like how GDEMU runs HIS business, then i’d suggest you develop your own board…… then you can manufacture and sell it how ever you see fit. Lead by example and show him how it’s done!

      /Sarcasm off

      There’s no trick, you just have to read, the answers are all there waiting to be discovered. Those who don’t read are Very Annoying, especially when they complain about how GDEMU should run his business.

      Read or do without.

      • There is absolutely no point read a whole blog of i dont know how much entrys of this GDEMU guy who liks to play god and you seems to be a good slave of him with very not helpful answers.

        I read the latest blog orders closed. So whats the point orders are every time closed.

        If anyone here could develop that board they had this done for ages. But he is a developer and a really bad salesman.

        I have seen he plays god when someone orders the wrong board and want to change for example from rhea to phoebe you will then receive your order last.

        Only because he found out how it works the customers should not treated like this. Thats awful.

      • Gdemu puts in a lot of work and effort. Long story short its all about quality control. If you want a board bad enough, visit this blog daily and you will very likely get one. He has amazing customer service btw, all he asks is for people to follow simple instructions which are all over this site. Look at his ordering phobe link. 🙂

    • You know you can just subscribe to the page and receive an email notification for each new blog post right? Seems like he announces well ahead of time. Yes the ordering window is short. You have to be on time exactly.

    • Who the hell cares? Once he receives it, it’s his property to do whatever the hell he wants with it. Keep it, sell it, light it on fire, it doesn’t matter.

      • That’s fine. We have very differing opinions of scalpers. Just posting as FYI.

      • No, YOU just don’t know what a scalper is. These aren’t football tickets.

        Take a class on economics and learn something about supply and demand.

      • That’s fine. We have very differing opinions on the definition of scalping.

        Consider this post a simple FYI for the rest of the community.

      • If you disapprove of scalpers so much, do you realize you’ve INSTANTLY assisted their scalping by publishing a link to their sale? Calling them out will do absolutely nothing to prevent them from selling their stuff. You did nothing but help them, effectively making yourself an agent of the scalper. Nicely done!

      • Glad to see you now agree they are scalping.

        …And they cannot sell what they have not been given, capiche?

      • It matters when genuine users miss out because a scalper is in this to make a quick buck. It’s not in the spirit of the agreement, which is that gdemu keeps the prices relatively low so that people can afford them.

    • The scalper has done this before too

    • Hello guys ! Besides Beaumont/ California , he will ship from Riverside/California, United States too … he makes good business with the GDEMU releases ! But when mr. Deunan send you a paypal money request to pay for a product,after you pay for, I doubt if there is anything else to do about that. But now it’s ok cause if we want something from his magic hands we must be focused on the news everytime! Have a great day everyone !

  10. Awesome! thanks for the headsup… just put in a offer for $450! Have not been able to get one so im willing to pay a bit extra!

  11. Hello gdemu. After a month my gdemu freezes and crashes. Audio skipping. None of the games work. Have tried 5 sd card. The first one worked but after the problems started none of them. Have tried two kingston 32gb, two sandisk and one lexar. Three different dc with original psu and one with pico brand new. Cleaned the psu pins. Thanks

      • It varies. It is flasing a few Times on some games and then reset to gdmenu. On other it flashes and the audio and or graphics is corrupted. Often crashes.

  12. The psu is brand new and the pins are cleaned and have good contact. Three dc with three psu have the same problem. Works good with laser for long periods. None of the games work fine. It did at first.

    • You know it would be easier to just email me, right?
      Anyway, do you have a volt meter? Measure voltage on GDEMU directly, use first and last of the holes in the vertical row over the status LED. You should see 3.3V there. Anything less than 3.15 is bad.

  13. It flashes before it crashes or become problems with the game.

  14. Got my Phoebe today, going to take a quick blast to the past, Thank you my friend!

  15. received my phoebe today,thank you!!! but i cannot get it to play region J (japan) games. i even changed the .ini to auto_region = 0 . just says (disc not suitable for this system). i know your probably very busy,but any help would be greatly appreciated!

    • I think auto_region is the most misunderstood feature of them all, is also why GDEMU doesn’t have it.
      Anyway, you’re supposed to set it to the region of your console, not of the game.

  16. Solved it. Thanks gdemu.
    Pin 12 of the pico was delivering 3,17v so soldered to pin 1 of pico that was 3,3v.
    Crazy taxi running 2 hours now. No problem.

  17. Hope to finally order one someday. Could you double or triple your next batch to ensure supply meets demand? They’ll sell out for sure. I’d even buy both a Rhea and Phobe for my two Saturn’s if possible.

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