A Dashing Enigma

Did you know this site is now 7 years old? Time sure flies. GDEMU itself is older yet by about 2 years, the first version that I’ve made was based on Altera Cyclone II dev kit and mostly worked but had some timing issues. Initially I had no serious intentions of selling it – though a year later I figured maybe a small self-contained PCB would sell two dozen or so units, and would help me raise some money for other projects. Little did I know how it’s going to snowball. Well, at least I can say the project goal was achieved – even if I don’t like how ODEs became the new modchips and everybody expects to get one for a couple bucks to play “free games” (and I’m the bad guy for not mass-producing ODEs to flood the market, forcing low prices).

Anyway, obviously the last post was an April Fools’ effort. The photo was of a dirty 5.25″ double-density TEAC floppy drive, I deal with those only in personal projects and that particular one is now clean and working. Testing it revealed issues with two of my 386 mobos – the one on which I’ve replaced a broken crystal resonator with a tad bit faster device, and is now overclocked, which is nice but also screws up system timers. I need to undo this, the extra 1.x MHz is not worth these issues. Another mobo, and this one was badly corroded from NiCd battery spill, is now acting up – randomly hangs on DMA transfers (so mostly in games that use SoundBlaster voice playback and while using floppy drives). I suspect there is a corroded via under the 82C206 chip but there is no guarantee the mobo will survive desoldering it – there’s already pad damage and wires around to fix affected traces. This mobo was, until now, my “daily driver” for testing 386/486 code but I think I will replace it with a P200 MMX and maybe attempt the fix later. It served its purpose and I have a few other mobos for quick code testing if I need a true 386 system for that.

And speaking of testing 386/486 code, I have collected some performance data from various FM Towns machines using my own benchmark program. Frankly there’s tons of that data but in order to show some of it in a simple, easy to digest way I’ve made one chart that I think best reflects the actual overall CPU performance.

FM Towns - Performance

First, let me introduce the machines present on the chart:

  • A – gen1 (MODEL 1), 16MHz 386DX
  • B – gen2 (2F?), ~18MHz 486DLC
  • B1 – B with cache enabled
  • C – gen3 (40H), 16MHz 486SXL
  • C1 – C with cache enabled
  • C2 – C with cache enabled, clock x2
  • C3 – C without cache, clock x2
  • D – gen4 (CX), 16MHz 386DX
  • E – gen4 (CX), 16MHz 486SXL
  • E1 – E with cache enabled
  • E2 – E with cache enabled, clock x2
  • F – gen2 (2F?), 16MHz 486DLC (*)
  • F1 – F with cache enabled (*)
  • G – gen2 (2H), 16MHz 486SXL
  • G1 – G with cache enabled
  • G2 – G with cache enabled, clock x2
  • G3 – G without cache, clock x2
  • H – Marty, 16MHz 486SXLC
  • H1 – H with cache enabled
  • X – Fresh-ET, 66MHz 486DX2

(*) The F machine used a slightly different version of the benchmark executable and 386/486 CPUs are really sensitive to code position, so over many loops the result can be a few % off (faster or slower, depending how the code changed).

I’ve also added some colors to try and make this more readable. Black is 100% standard machines, blue is 386 CPU replaced with 486 DLC class. Orange is same as blue but with CPU clock resonator replaced as well (there are some serious limitations to this technique and even small overclock can cause issues in these systems). Violet is SXL/SXLC CPU with clock doubler enabled.

So, what can we see here? First of all, the black bars – the gen1 and gen4 machines have identical performance in default settings. The Fresh-ET is a bit faster in the compatibility mode but not by much – it mostly equals a CPU swap to a 486DLC (which all of the towers can do, except generations 3 and 4 require desoldering the old one first). I guess it’s not really possible to perfectly match a 386 performance with a 486 chip on a twice faster system bus. That being said, based on my tests with DLC chips, this is not enough to make a difference if the game doesn’t support FAST mode.

The “fast” in the chart is either FAST mode (for machines that support it) or reduced RAM wait states (as much as it was possible). This offers a decent speedup, in general reducing WS on 386 tower machines gives comparable results to replacing the CPU with 486 DLC – though obviously if you can replace the CPU and then also reduce WS, it’s even better. But if you want to keep your machine 100% original then WS reduction (with ODE) is probably the way to go if you need some extra performance. Even gen1 tower, which can only reduce the WS by 1, shows some speedup.

A 486 DLC with WS reduction or FAST mode can cut the benchmark time almost in half, and keep in mind this offers pretty much perfect game compatibility. You can get even better results by enabling the CPU cache (also via ODE) but that will break some games – some will work fine, some might have audio or video glitches, or even unresponsive controls. It looks nice on the chart but in reality can be quite a lot of trouble. This also goes for any overclocking, as mentioned above. And then there is clock doubling on SXL chips, this has some effect even with no cache and just WS reduction – which is nice, considering the issues with cache, but without having cache enabled you gain maybe a few extra % and that’s it. So it’s not really worth paying extra for a 486 SXL over DLC, unless the price is similar.

I didn’t test x2 clock on Marty because it breaks a lot of things for some reason (tower models don’t suffer from these issues). For example it can completly screw up mouse emulation on gamepad, something that Marty does by default via its BIOS. Not sure about other 386SX based systems, maybe UG series would benefit more thanks to having a native 20MHz clock in FAST mode. Then there is the proper x2 clock doubler in Fresh-ET, with built-in cache coherency protocols, burst mode and faster system bus. A true DX2 class CPU is more than twice faster than SXL and has none of the issues – so if you really need a fast Towns machine for some reason, get a late Fresh (or at least a true 486 desktop).

To sum this up, with Towns the 486 is faster than 386 but only in FAST mode (and most games don’t use it). Even older machines can be “tuned up”, either by swapping the CPU or forcing FAST/WS reduction via ODE. Or both. This is often enough to make Street Fighter 2 playable without major slowdowns for example.

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    • Please can you tell us if there will be any doc brown units available to purchase during 2021? Thanks

  1. Thank you for your extensive work and curiosity. Keep up the great work

  2. DUDE!!! I want that benchmark program please. I would love to benchmark all my towns machines.

    • Are you going to allow WS reduction for Marty ODE? IF so – will that be firmware update or a program or both?

      • I got ya…

        Would it be worth it to upgrade the Marty Processor? Will any games truly see an boost from it that run on marty? Or should Marty with DOC just be left alone and should be focusing on Towns computers for these kinds of improvements.

        I personally have a few machines.
        MY 20F and CX has soldered cpu, but I want to desolder and upgrade. eventually (one or the other)
        My MX has a 66mhz factory add on cpu.. runs well.
        I also have a Fresh MF with 33mhz on board, but I found “one of those hens tooth” socketed processor upgrade boards and have a 133mhz in there… It’s my go to machine. I have pulled the 133 from the Fresh and put it in the MX since it supports native 15khz and the fresh is all 31khz and the 133mhz runs on the MX just fine.

        Any update on wizard? I been following the few beta testers who have been talking about it and I really would love to install one on my tower. This year for release? Will Wizard have this waitstate reduction built into it?

        I would love to benchmark all my system so if you do a public release, that would be awesome.. I really would love to see the difference between a 66mhz and 133 on my MX.

      • I’d say stick to 386SX in Marty unless you just like to tweak everything. From my experience enabling cache on Marty causes even more problems than other Towns – it’s only for people like me who like to experiment. Not for normal usage.

        Wizard is coming, mid-May is the target – but that’s assuming there won’t be any more COVID related hickups. However these days even a simple order of chips we need can be delayed for weeks due to low/no stock… We’ll see.

  3. Also sorry to double comment I see my browser crashed.
    I see testers helped a ton! It seems that a baseline 386 towns can run everything “fine” except those later DOS/Amiga and other western ports. Perhaps 98% to almost 99% of software (notice how I didn’t say games) runs fine on 386 with 8MB RAM and hard drive.
    In my honest opinion the best desktops are the EA style fresh which is what I think you referenced (I think your fresh is EA base model?). Otherwise it looks like a 20F or CX20 with a CPU socket to 486 is tower master race. Actually could be on-par with desktops.
    The 2x speed drive with the EA style fresh are great. Also outputs 31khz so you can use random LCD instead of finding video processor and display.
    Also I do have that 5×86 card in my fresh. If you want me to test stuff let me know buddy.

    • I’d say 2MB is fine, 4MB if you need to run SF2 or apps that need more. 8MB is enough for everyone 🙂 And I mean it, there are issues with some games if you have more than 10MB or so. And you better be a patient man if you want to play Indiana Jones 3 on systems with more than 2 megs.

      • Tbh, 4MB will run everything except about 4-5 games I recently dumped that say 8MB…later DOS ports. I would just set jumpers so you have 8MB total as there isn’t a need to fill all those ram slot unless gen 1-2 tower. I’m starting to think that towns didn’t have a higher memory address range or something causing trouble. Some other computers of that time shove extra RAM into a higher memory address so I wonder if towns does that which causes slowdowns. If so that would mean there is a hard “limit” Of what I speculate is 8MB.
        There is one game and for the life of me I cannot recall the name. Maybe a reader can remind me but it’s a dungeon crawler type game that breaks and wont work if you have more than 6MB. There’s also a game that uniquely breaks on a 486 computer called Brandish and I have it on my shelf. I would love to remove protection and “fix it” to run on a 486 one day. these are the only two pieces of software to my knowledge that break in unique conditions as described.

      • I think Dungeon Master also has memory issues, and Fractal Engine Demo, and some other games might work but will take long time to boot.

      • Shadow of the Beast 2 (stops working at or above 10mb or ram i believe)

  4. The clones are flooding ebay because you could not mass produce them. You forced a high price for scalpers to resell. Just saying….

    • Right, there are clones of Adidas and Nike shoes because these two companies can’t mass produce.
      How about there are clones because costs are lower in Asia and it’s also cheaper to just steal a working design rather than make one?
      Will you be “just saying” that when you loose your job to some cheaper outsourced country? Maybe you should have worked for less – after all, nothing else matters but market demand?

      • Why do you continue to pretend like you know anything about economics when you barely participate to begin with? Yes, congratulations on seven years maximizing profits at the expense of goodwill. The competition has appeared and has taken over for you, and you are now allowed to go be a shut-in engineer like you always wanted.

      • Goodwill, that’s a good one. Is that why nobody buys expensive Nvidia cards? In that alternate universe you live in, that is?
        Actual competition of GDEMU is more expensive if you didn’t notice, unless you consider the clones a “competition” – in which case you know less about economics than me.

        Frankly I’m surprised everyone cares about me so deeply they want nothing but my financial success – all I ask is why are you people so passive-aggressive about it.

      • Yea this post is so wrong…. You Two should be ashamed of yourselves.


        WOW all of you people are just plain RUDE!!! You should all go away if you are going to act like this. Seriously?? So here is how it is.. LIKE IT OR NOT.

        Deunan (gdemu to the uninitiated here) is a Private individual developer. He is a single person that lives somewhere in the world and he is a bright and talented individual. He is not a company like Nike. He is not a ODE company like Terraonion or even a few man operation like HDRetrovision. He is a SINGLE individual developer. Someone who sells his warez. The Same way the local housewife might sell some of her knitting, or how the local Beer dad might brew some homemade beer and sell it to his friends and neighbors. HE OWES NO ONE ANYTHING. Plain and simple.

        He has been here for 7 years and has been on some of the older Dreamcast developer forums (A9vg) as well as I believe Assembler before it died (maybe wrong there). He is like every other single individual developer. He makes stuff for himself. He never asked people for money and started a Pateron (like prof abrasive, or many youtubers do monthly), nor did he launch a Kickstarter or a Indiegogo for anything he created and wanted to develop and eventually sell. He made stuff for himself from the get go and shared his results in forums and blogs nothing more.

        If you want the brief history he created GDEMU and like 5 people were interested in it, If you go back and read the old forums (which I will gladly point you guys to). He was a Dreamcast emulator developer and then he started working on hardware to create the first prototypes for GDEMU. That forum is where he lived with his project updates for a few years starting in 2012 (A DECADE AGO PRETTY MUCH) the first prototype pics were posted.

        Then around 2 years later in 2014 he started his own blog here on WordPress so that this evolving project would have it’s own space and not be stuck in a sub-thread of a forum. It is what many developers do. Here is a shot of the first 2014 boards hand made and sold.

        The first post here on WordPress in march of 2014 had 1 person reply to it. There were barely a handful of people interested. At the same time a developer MNEMO started to show off the USB GDROM and I have to say both the non-English speaking MNEMO and the very well English speaking (as a second language) Deunan had some heated rivalry about which was the better device. MNemo was not nice about it. Both rolled off the handmade assembly line and we had Dreamcast ODE. In 2014 – the GDEMU was a great unit but SD cards were expensive. There were also very few bugs. In 2014 a HDD hooked up to a Dreamcast the USBGDROM was the more bang for your buck device. BOTH OF THEM were for sale and pretty easy to get. MNEMO with a website and Deunan with a Wait till 12pm CET and I open a list and it closes when full. I personally bought one from MNEMO with WESTERN UNION PAYMENT!!!!! and got my unit in the mail 2-3 weeks later. The Mnemo Guy had a great reputation for not being a scammer so I had no issue with cash payment. Try that in 2021. I also, because of the 4 or 5 guys in the assembler forum who were really into these devices, decided to jump in on the GDEMU action as well. I bought mine in the APRIL 2014 batch. Just for reference, even after the order window closed there were only 27 comments.. WITH A TOTAL OF 18 unique individuals (not including deunan) on that thread. I would guess he made 25-50 units by hand and it stayed that way for a while. FAST FORWARD A WHOLE YEAR TO 2015.. His April 2015 list drew only about 40 comments (25 of them unique users). Going to say maybe 100 units per order window at this point. Remember this is ONE GUY DOING THIS HIMSELF.

        His device started to get recognition. Youtubers started talking about it. Videos and reviews and live streams. At this point he pretty much started work on RHEA for Saturn and the blog heated up. People were excited. He at no time was ever under any obligation to sell these to anyone. Nor was he under any obligation to continue to sell them once he sold a batch. He could have stopped at any time. He only sold them to fund his hobby and cover the cost of the GDEMU development and other projects. When he started doing well with GDEMU sales, he used the money to fund Rhea development and Phoebe. At no time did he beg for money, start a charity fund (Patreon) or even promise anyone anything. He simple was a single guy making some cool KIT that he decided to make BY HAND and sell as many as he could handle. The man also has a full time job and a family. So give him a break he is not terraonion or any other part to full time developer. He is also not some hermit developer in mom and dad’s basement like many of you whiners are. The Man needs to balance things, and he knew to keep things tempered.

        So let me make this perfectly clear. HE NEVER MARKETED HIMSELF AS A COMPANY. HE NEVER ADVERTISED, NEVER SENT OUT REVIEW UNITS, NEVER DID A YOUTUBE VIDEO OR A INTERVIEW. He simply wanted to make NICE TOYS for himself and sell a few of them to people like us who appreciate cool hardware to keep his hobby afloat. Did he make money for himself too?? I am sure he did, but since he is a private guy, it is none of our business how much “profit” he made. Even if he made only (1) card every month and sold it for $1000 a pop.. that is HIS HARDWARE, TO DO WITH AS HE PLEASES and if someone feels their $1000 is worth the price of his PCB, that is between them. But no he did not do that. Plain and simple. (yes I say this a lot) At no point did he FORCE higher pricing, as someone claimed above. People who are gamers or opportunist are just greedy too, they know there are IMPATIENT and obsessive gamers out there who will pay ANYTHING TO HAVE IT NOW! That is not Deunan’s fault. Can’t fault buyers who decided, HEY I GOT ONE, lets eBay it and get something else, I will rebuy a GDEMU or get a USB GDROM later on., At any time could he have adapted the Model of making them and then eBaying each one to the highest bidder, done really well for himself and yet he choose to continue to offer them at the same fair 130 euro price shipped over and over and over again. He has never done more than say.. “hey you all want more GDEMU?” “Ok great I will run off a bunch and build them by hand then put up a list you can get on to buy them, invoice will come when they are ready to ship.” He has pretty much shared his invention with all of us and in 7 years never raised the price once. He sold it for a very reasonable 130 euro price and 130 euro in 2014 is now 140 euro, yet he still keeps the same price for all his ODEs. Parts have become scares or out of stock. He still offers the same products at the same price. This guy is really Kind to all of you and none of you see that.
        His time, money, research and more is all his and his alone. He has every right to do with it (his product) as he pleases. He is under ZERO OBLIGATION to share that with anyone he can stop making them whenever he wants. He can make and sell as many as he wants. He does not have to open source it. He controls his property 100%. His invention, it all belongs to him. NONE OF YOU, NOT A SINGLE ONE OF YOU, SAD, PATHETIC, CRYING BABIES, HAVE ANY RIGHT TO COMPLAIN ABOUT HOW MANY HE MAKES, SELLS, OFFERS TO THE PUBLIC ECT.. YOU HAVE NO RIGHT TO DEMAND ANYTHING FROM HIM OR HIS WORK. YOU HAVE THE PRIVILEGED (LET ME SAY THAT AGAIN PRIVILEGED) TO TRY AND GET ON A LIST WHEN THE ORDER WINDOW OPENS AND THEN PAY FOR ONE. YOU ABIDE BY THE RULES HE POSTED ABOUT SUPPORT AND SUCH. YET THIS MAN ALWAYS GOES ABOVE AND BEYOND FOR ANYONE WHO HAS PAID HIM FOR A ODE, regardless of the “you are on your own” text on his website.

        SO what happened??? Well it got super popular!!!! Years and years and years went by. Bigger youtubers covered this device, and more and more casual gamers and economy minded gamers who didn’t want to buy old games for huge prices, decided to find this wordpress and camp here to get a gdemu, I would say at one time there easily 1000 people who wanted one per window. These are the years where hundreds of comments got posted. hundreds to thousands of unique users visited here. Deunan continued to order more and more boards to build by hand for multiple ODEs rotating the order of them so everyone got a chance. He hired a helper (it in his blog – you can read it). He sold as many as he could as a single person (even with help at sometimes, soldering and packing orders). He really tried to offer as many as he could, but people got Greedy. So many people wanted this device and wanted the quick Amazon like experience that the shaming and the bullying began. The fact that he does not speak English as a first language was being leveraged against DEUNAN as a person who is rude and nasty. His replies and analogies are not always seen in the proper light and for those of you who try to twist his words to make your bullying come off as warranted are just plain wrong. Many of you came here (to this blog) demanding a change to his model. Demanding he become a company. Demand he open source his product. Demand he get it mass produced. THEN, due to nature of the item, the supply and demand, and the greedyness of the Chinese.. HE GOT CLONED. and people told him he deserved it. UGH… so wrong. To all of you who feel this way.. Please go shoot yourself. You are a cancer to society. You are the entitled slob society needs to be purged of.

        An individual has a right to make what they want and make as many as they want. No person ever is under any obligation to GROW to satisfy the WANTS of the masses. You allow that individual to control their works the way they please. Also, you do not take away something from someone (STEAL IT) and mass produce it and then claim they deserved it because they didn’t meet your standards. I can think of only (2) things that would ever work for. One would be lifesaving medicine. If someone created a cure for Cancer and could not produce more than a few hundred cures a month by hand, the GOVT has a right to force and compel that person to give it to someone to mass produce it with just compensation. Hence it would likely end up at a big Pharma who would mass profit from it, but you should be given a fair and large share of the profits in perpetuity. The only other thing that can be taken from you, yet again with JUST COMPENSATION, is land for the purposes of a better community. A hospital, fire-station, police department, DMV ect…. (No not a sports stadium or condos or shopping mall.) GDEMU is neither of these. This is nothing more than a TOY… It is a device to play games. Nothing ground breaking. It should be left in the hands a deunan to do with as HE PLEASES.

        The cloning of his device was not because he couldn’t supply enough. He was cloned for having a device people were jealous of and wanted to profit from them-self. The Chinese suck. They really do, (and they do this to many people). They steal from everyone and make money off of other people’s hard work. That is all the clones are. It’s the same as a fake pair of Nikes or a fake Coach bag. They ran off the PCB for pennies, used crap components and the clones likely cost less than $8 to make ($12 tops), where the official GDEMU, according to my calculations were costing him in 2014/15 when he started making large batches (where I will guess there were 25 or more PCBs) were around $70 cost to make each. Throw in payment processor fees, Shipping costs, packing and such. He likely made about $40-50 bux profit a card when all was said and done, about a 30% markup over his total cost. (my guess). I am sure he stream-lined this over the years and he deserves the money for the sale of his devices as they are the best (IMO). Whereas the Cloners were selling these for $60-90 each and making like 600%+ profit and offering no support at all, were not upgrade-able with any firmware and if broken you were likely out of luck. Even today in 2021 deunan will help you will any issue on your GDEMU and I have yet to hear about a customer stuck with a dead card. I have seen Deunan tell people with card over a year old how to get them working or offered to fix them for them. He is under no obligation to do this at all!!! Yet the Chinese, they were making money hand over fist for someone else’s hard work and DEUNAN did not see a penny of that. They did not “give him his share”.


        Without Deunan from 2014 to 2020 there would have been NO Saturn, or Marty ODE. And MNEMO would have been the only game in town for dreamcast and I am sure you all would have your heads explode on how he does business compared to how deunan decides to sell his creations. There must be 5X more GDEMUs from deunan out there than USB GDROMS. Deunan gave thousands of gamers the opportunity to enjoy Dreamcast, Marty and Saturn the way they should be experienced. Yes we have new solutions now. But they are all like 6 years too late in my opinion. I bought a TO Mode and Satiator just to review them (both are good products and should be for 2020/21 and the price they charge both over $230 – $100 more than gdemu and rhea/phoebe). Personally, my Rhea, Phoebe, Gdemu and Doc Brown will all sit in my systems forever and I will use them over any other solution. I infact own multiple cards that I have bought over the years so I can have system in multiple rooms, give some to my kids to play in their rooms ect… The GDEMU is PERFECT, the RHEA/PHOEBE is perfect. That is something Fenrir, Satiator, and Mode cannot claim (not yet), they simply have not been on the market long enough. Within a week of the MODE ANNOUNCEMENT (not even release of it which was months later) the GDEMU corrected its last 2 small game bugs and GDEMU and USBGDROM are the only 2 confirmed ODEs that play every title 100%, as they have had all titles played on it 100%. Mode might claim near 100% compatibility, but they have yet to show 100% completion of all games on a MODE, at most they showed the redump collection all starting up, but many games have not played deep into that game. Fenrir (20 pin) and the new but not sold yet (21 pin) still has bugs as well as Satiator, which is nowhere near perfect. There is no Marty ODE alternative. Deunan has the GOLD DEFACTO STANDARD for dreamcast, saturn and Marty ODE. No one will ever touch him with these systems. In my opinion, Terraonion is the only ODE retailer that can come close to what Deunan has done alone. Terraonion has money and multiple talent behind them. I am surprised they never offered Deunan a job. He would be a huge help to their team in my opinion. But even as a independent standalone developer, deunan will continue to offer hobby projects that we all can enjoy if we are patient and kind to him. Again he is not a company like Terraonion, This man is the equivalent of your local tuning shop.

        DRE, DAN
        YOU OWE THE MAN AN APOLOGY. If you do so I will do the same for how I called you guys out. ALSO, IMO, WITHOUT DEUNAN THERE WOULD BE NO MODE AND NO OTHER ODE ALTERNATIVES FOR DC, SAT. I am 100% convinced that Rhea/Phoebe and Gdemu were all studied well over the years which is why we see alternatives. Nothing original is out there on Mode and Fenrir other than different menus and slightly different image support. Both are similar/cheap copies (well mode isn’t cheap, but you get the idea). Satiator is the only Original out of the box ODE, as it has been in development FOREVER and finally got a release and does not work the same way as rhea/phoebe/fenrir/mode it takes a 100% different approach..Deunan still continues to sell his ODEs and they sell out every time. I am sure he is happy with how well he has done with his products over the years. You can’t be the King forver, I’m sure he knew that. He stayed humble and kept it as a small side project with nicely slotted release windows and rotations of products. He was the King for DC and Sat from 2012 to 2020. That is not a bad reign. He also will satisfy niche gamers with creations that companies like terraonion will never take on, No one will ever release a marty ODE to compete with Deunan. EVER. I am happy that Deunan will continue to make and sell the 4 odes he has now and will work making new ones for obscure and niche products. Perhaps even more mainstream systems with a different take (SEGA CD ODE anyone? on the actual Model 2 Sega CD?) He, again, is ONE MAN. He does this for FUN FIRST. Look at his other projects that 95% of you do not care about. Clearly if it gaming related we get every tom dick and harry. If it electronic or PC related, we get a handful of people like 2014 all over again. If we all make him feel like this is not fun anymore for him then he might decide to disappear. None of us want that. I enjoy this blog. His gaming stuff. His non-gaming stuff. Just his blog in general. If he leaves the community, that would not be good for anyone.

        We all OWE DEUNAN A THANK YOU for what he has done so far. If you are one of those people who feels like you were ENTITLED but missed out.. Then please close this WordPress and never return here.. Those of us who are here and supportive of Deunan and his work is all that matters. Those who have to be negative and a bully, you are the reason these communities get stressful.
        SO Deunan – THANK YOU.
        TO those who read this RANT – Thank you.
        TL DR – Don’t Care.

      • OH wow, that Fat POS PEZZ called me out over my post on the twitterverse. If you have something to say, I am right here. Don’t take it to a public platform confront me directly. Your Gang up bully mentality don’t seem to be working. Seems there are more people who see it my way than yours. If you have a problem with people doing their due diligence to give a complete thought to the people he/she is address and want to call it a “rant” because you are too lazy to see it as anything more than editorial, then perhaps someone needs to get some better perspective.

  5. Now that I read all the post did you got an Fresh ET? Can I dream about a “Fresh” version of Wizard?

    • I agree a Version of Wizard that works on MX/MA/ME and Fresh would be amazing. I already put a CF card HDD in my fresh boots in 4 seconds to Towns OS.

  6. Hey D,
    Another question. When you say SSF2 playable I am curious. If you go to the options setting and turn rastor mode OFF its usually playable on 386. I assume your comment is with WS reduction + 486 and leaving rastor mode ON?

    • I never touched the menu, just noticed that there aren’t as many slowdowns in the attract mode with WS reduction (especially with 486 swap). Tatsujin Oh also seems to have less slowdowns.

  7. Hello sorry if this isn’t the place to put this but I was wondering how do I order the doc brown for the fm towns marty? I just had mine recapped and the cd laser is still dead. Thank you.

  8. Am I reading between the lines correctly that the Grey Tower Wizard does/can do some kind of pre-execution that sets fast-cache mode automagically on start-up?

    • He implemented his own wait state reduction routine (” Make game load faster”) but it sorta sounded like cache enable is with power on. I think he will get insane amount of bug reports though less people know cache enable breaks 386 software

      • Do you happen to have anymore GDEMUs? If not, any timeline when can we expect orders to open again? Thanks.

  9. Hello! does a Docbrown unit is still available to preorder for the next batch? thanks!

  10. So from what I heard from a reputable source, all the connectors for Dreamcast are GONE. There are no more to be bought worldwide. So I would assume GDEMU has a END OF LIFE date, as I am sure you only have so many connectors in your stock to build your boards without physically salvaging them from GDROM drives?

    Gdemu, do you have a good bulk of connectors for the foreseeable future to keep making order windows?

    Can you shed any light on the future of your GDEMU with this news?

  11. Hello D,
    I was wondering if you have any GDEMU units left? or if you know if more are coming anytime soon? would love to buy one from you.



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