GDEMU orders are open. If you’re unlucky and miss out – keep in mind there will be another batch coming in 2-3 months.

I might not be able to reply to orders until after the weekend so please be patient. In general expect shipping in 2-4 weeks from now.

EDIT: Orders closed. I have no words. Welp, as I’ve said earlier I am planning something to help me with manufacturing so it should get better in few months.

The Light Before We Land

I will be shipping all remaining Phoebes this week. Provided you pay of course 🙂

GDEMU orders will open this Saturday. I got the pegs so crisis averted, for now anyway. However I am very busy lately, including weekends, and I’ve yet to receive the parts and put together my new PC – and in my case it’s not just “Install Windows, slap Steam client on it”, it takes days to get everything installed, configured and tested. Point here is I’ve got quite a stack of half-assembled PCBs but I’m not sure how fast I can actually finish anything, might take 1-2 weeks more.

So, apparently there is still interest in current ODEs and if I’m to keep making those and come up with new ones, something has to change. And it will, soon. I will be getting some help with the PCB assembly – if this works out I should have more time for actual R&D and firmware work. Obviously nobody works for free and I don’t want to change the price, so time will tell if it works out in the end or not. It’s not exactly a mass production but perhaps will allow to keep the orders open long enough for every time zone. This is still 1-2 months away, I’ll let you know more in few weeks.

Coming Back To Life

Phoebe orders are open. There is also a new and improved 3D printed tray that you can buy at – see my Links section for other interesting stuff as well.

As usual allow a few days for the confirmation, I do need time to process all that mail. There is a one-per-person limit and the shipping will be mostly done out of turn, grouped by Saturn type.

EDIT: Orders closed. Initial inrush was both impressive and scary, thankfully it calmed down.

Electric Mantra

I will open Phoebe orders this weekend, probably on Saturday. I expect to start shipping those next week and finish, hopefully, around the first week of March.

GDEMUs are still being made – I will most likely open orders near the end of February, though if you want one please think about the peg issue I mentioned earlier. Your options will be (once those run out) not to have it at all and make your own 3D printed tray instead, or get a 1mm too long peg and cut it down to size yourself. Or wait for the next batch.

Also, there haven’t been any new photos around here lately so I’m going to start with some teasers. No, this is not the ODE just yet, rather what it takes to get there.

PCE testbed


All Rheas have been shipped and I’ve started planning for the next batch of ODEs. Initially I wanted to make more GDEMUs but there’s a problem…

Once again I found out that someone has bought out all the plastic pegs that I use for GDEMU. Like, a few thousans of them that were just sitting there, undisturbed for months, so I figured no need to rush with purchases, right? Well, apparently not so. Obviosuly I orderd more but my supplier replied they don’t expect them any sooner than week 14 of 2017. And that is the problem, I have some left but the bag is almost empty.

There’s still a chance I will get the pegs earlier – I’m not going to bet on this though so I’ll make more Phoebes now along with GDEMUs. I really dislike doing two things at once because it’s slower but I don’t have much choice now. I’ll try to build a small buffer first and sometime in the middle of February I’ll open orders again. GDEMU run will be pretty short due to that peg shortage issue. There is a potential workaround for this, namely cutting longer pegs that are available to required length but I don’t have tools to do it quickly and nicely. So it’s a backup solution but not one I’m looking foward to.

Also, very sorry for the lack of PCE photos, there hasn’t been much progress since December, I was pretty busy. I have not abandoned that project, nor shifted my focus to anything else.

The Catcher in the Rye

Owners of my early GDEMU designs can now 3D-print, for free, a suitable tray for their devices that will replace the felt pads stack and make the whole assembly more secure. Here’s how both the old and new design trays look in 3D (this is just the lower part of the assembly):

GDEMU tray (v4)

GDEMU tray (v5)

All this thanks to Michael Pica, you can download his plans from Thingiverse. There is also a tray for Rhea/Phoebe there – these things not only look neat but also prevent the SD card from falling inside the console during insertion/removal and can offer a small organizer too.

In other news, how many of you have watched AMD presentation yesterday? I didn’t expect Ryzen to actually match 6900K once the clocks are not lowered to 3GHz to keep parity. This is not exactly Athlon days being back but close enough. My PC is over 3 years old now, I just suffered HDD failure (nothing of value was lost, I keep backups), I’m really itching to upgrade. But 4C/8T i7 seems like a sidegrade to my FX, I want 6 decent cores at least but I’m not willing to pay Intel tax for what they call “HEDT platform”, and I certainly don’t need expensive 4-channel memory setup. Considering I don’t use AVX2 (I prefer OpenCL on GPU to do the heavy lifing) and that AMD seems to have matched Intel in Handbrake, I think I just found my new CPU. I know a lot of people would still choose higher-clocked 4-core Skylake but let’s face it, even these i5/i7 are starting to lag behing in new games. Maybe surprisingly but I don’t really use emulators all that much nowdays, I don’t need (or even want) that ultimate single-thread performance if I can have the next best thing but with more physical cores. So unless these demos were really cherry-picked I’m pretty much sold.

The bad news is with this performance it’s probably going to cost 800$ but that’s still well below 1100$ for the 6900K. I can live with that, I don’t upgrade that often.

Message From Io

I’m going to open Rhea orders this weekend. Probably on Sunday. There is a problem though.

I was planning on making some devices before opening orders to be able to ship everything quickly, before December. This didn’t work out as I got busy with work-related projects and it’s not looking to improve soon. What it means is I only got a handful of Rheas assembled and really not much free time to do the rest. In fact I even considered postponing the whole thing until January but there is no guarantee I won’t be equally busy after the New Year so…

This is what I’m going to do: Take orders now, ship what little I have and can still make, then leave the rest for January. I will not be shipping anything past first week of December, preferably not even past end of November. It’s a waste of my time since there will be long queues at the post offices everywhere and the shipping time is also longer, and on the top of it the chances of the package getting lost or damaged are considerably higher as well. I should be able to assemble something in that time though.

TL;DR: If you order Rhea assume it won’t even ship before January.

EDIT: Rhea orders are now accepted. Closed.