Okay, I didn’t want to do politics here but there are a few things that need addressing.

First, there is this shutdown in USA that apparently has quite an impact on the swiftness of customs procedures. Or, to put it bluntly, lack of thereof. Please keep that in mind while waiting for the packages to arrive – some might be delayed quite a bit. That being said, once 3-4 weeks have passed do inquire at your nearest postal office every week or so, I’ve just had a few envelopes returned to me with “unclaimed” sticker and apparently there weren’t any notices delivered. Although that was probably due to the Xmas rush and sales after – but it might get worse.

Second, after today’s vote we are looking at a no-deal Brexit being the most likely outcome for the UK. The problem here is nobody can tell me what that will do to postal services. Customs aside, there is even some confusion as to whether or not the stamps will be valid and of correct value. So, to avoid any problems I will cancel any UK orders that I can’t ship in time. Again, that is only in the case of no-deal, and even then hopefully only a temporary restriction until things settle down.

With that out of the way, I will be opening orders for DocBrowns on this Sunday around 12:00 CET (my Saturday will be too busy for that). I don’t expect to get many of those so Sunday doesn’t seem that bad of a choice. I have very limited stock but I can make more in few weeks time. Still, to give actual Marty owners a better chance of getting one you will be asked to provide your console serial number – so have that prepared. If you choose not to, you will be moved to the end of the list and if there are too many orders I reserve the right to just cancel those without the serial number. You will find the number in question in the SRAM card bay below the floppy drive.

Lastly, I plan to have Phobe orders open on the last Saturday of this month but I will edit this post in a week or so to confirm that – I need to ship most of the Rheas before I take on more orders.

PS. Please keep the comments civil.

UPDATE: Phoebe orders will open this Saturday, around 12:00 CET (as in noon for the am/pm users).

UPDATE 2: Phoebe list is full, there was rather unexpected surge of orders even though the last Phoebe sale was some 2 months ago, and that was a big one too. Give me few days to compile the list and send confirmation emails.


Holding Back the Years

Just to clear any possible misunderstanding, there WILL NOT be a Phoebe ordering window this Saturday. Most likely it’ll happen at the end of January, after I’ve shipped most/all GDEMUs. So Marry Xmas and Happy New Year everybody, we’ll see each other in 2019.

As for the photos below, this is a personal project and I won’t go into details – enjoy, or not, it’s not an ODE and has nothing to do with my other devices. I just wanted to share it since now (after many years) it’s done and I can close this chapter for good.

Running in the 90s

I’m still quite busy – I’ll spare you the details and instead offer a revised plan of action. It’s December now and I wish to avoid shipping anything I don’t have to until 2019, for three reasons:

  1. It’s a waste of time, it’s Xmas shopping spree already and post office queues are huge.
  2. Due to Xmas and Black Friday related online purchases delivery times are longer as all shipping channels tend to saturate until late January or so.
  3. All of that increases the chances of the packages getting damaged or lost in transit.

I will probably make exception for the current DocBrown orders, I have it all ready except I’m still considering bigger envelopes. The very first batch arrived intact though… Well, I’m going to make that decision in the next few days.

Now, just because I’m not shipping anything this month doesn’t mean I can’t take orders and prepare for January. In fact I’m already stockpiling devices for that very purpose. So next Saturday I will open orders for GDEMU, and then, on the Saturday after that, for Rhea. I have Phoebes too but seeing how I just ended shipping those I belive it’s time to give other devices a chance to sell. That being said, if the GDEMU or Rhea orders are small enough I might consider offering more Phoebes this year still. We’ll see.

In the meantime I amused myself modding Sega Master System console I found on sale for about 10$. As far as I can tell it was never worked on, and some plastic wear aside it’s in a good condition. Just what I like, a few scratches (which are non-issue to me) and a low price. I recapped it, removed the TV modulator and changed some parts around the video encoder to have it output RGB, audio and composite signals with correct impendance. I’m no pro modder but I think the end result is pretty nice:

Oh, and one last thing: While I’m reading all the emails I get, I have not responded to anything that’s not urgent and/or support related. That being said not all of us are native English speakers and sometimes we don’t get our point clearly across so if I didn’t reply but you do actually need my help, please email me again.

UPDATE: GDEMU orders are now open closed again. If you missed it don’t worry, there will be more late January (or so).

UPDATE 2: Rhea orders are now open closed.

Walk Like An Egyptian

All Rheas are shipped, finally, and I’m now testing and packing the outstanding Phoebes. If all goes well I should have that all done next week so if you’re still expecting a payment request this is the time to pay attention to your email and PayPal account.

Speaking of PayPal – it seems to have glitched yesterday and some requests were duplicated (or even triplicated). I can actually see that on my side too but this is not the first time it happened (although usually it’s just one request that glitches, not all of them) and from experience cancelling one tends to remove all the copies along with it. So then I have to issue another one.

To work around it pay one and then cancel the rest on your side – this way at the very least I get a “It’s been paid” entry with your address so I can proceed with shipping as usual. If that doesn’t work for you for some reason (the glitched requests sometimes refuse to accept payment) please contact me by email to sort it out.

The Eternal March

If you didn’t get your Phoebe payment request by today you will have to wait some more. Worst case is 3-4 more weeks. We had some production delays and I’m short on Type-2 devices, as well as a couple of Type-4. This however serves as a reminder, to me, why I should never do the long queues you people constantly ask for. You have no patience. And I have none to spare.

What I do have is some Rheas since we usually make both Saturn ODEs at the same time. I will open orders this weekend though I fully expect it will turn out just like Phoebes did – the emails will be delayed and I’ll get flooded with too many orders. I’ll decide how to tackle it once I have a full picture of the disaster.

Note that I am very busy ATM and will be during this whole month. Spamming me with “is it ready yet” messages annoys me so I’ve started to ignore those.

Oh and as for DocBrown, I’ll start shipping those out soon. I’m working on something related and was hoping to have it ready by now, and I kind of do but it needs more polishing. So there is no point in futher delays, the current menu software works well enough as-is.

UPDATE: Rhea orders are now open closed.

A Hot Mess

It seems I’ve introduced an annoying bug into some Phoebes that shipped recently (some group 1 orders). The symptoms are:

  • status LED on Phoebe is lit for 3 seconds, then blinks once, then the cycle repeats
  • games don’t work, console behaves oddly

This is triggered randomly, typically when the supply voltage is unstable (so during power-up or power-down) and will not go away on it’s own. Can’t be fixed by reflashing 3.6 FW.

Here’s the procedure you need to follow:

Do you already have the issue? If not, start RMENU and press C button to see what FW version your ODE has. If it’s less than 4.0 then it won’t happen to you.
If it is 4.0.0 there is a good chance you will eventually ecounter this problem – you don’t need to do anything right now but I’d recommend fixing it anyway, sooner rather than later.

If you already have it or want to fix it before it happens:
Download the FIX FW file and the 4.0.1 FW. Prepare a card for FW upgrade, read about the process on my Updating Phoebe page and be sure you understand the instructions. If not, ask first.

1) Flash the _fix FW, turn your console off after flashing. Remove the SD card and any Saturn slot carts you might have installed.
2) Turn the console on, without any card/cart inserted. It might not show the opening animation but it will go into the Saturn BIOS menu eventually. Turn console off once it does.

DO NOT turn it off until you get into the menu, doing so might brick your ODE.

3) Put the 4.0.1 FW on the card and flash that. Once it is done you can use the console again and the problem should not return.

Few things to note:
– The 4.0 series can’t be downgraded to anything lower than 4.0.0
– To prevent people from flashing just the 4.0.1, without the fix, it will not work unless it detects the fix being applied previously.
– You don’t need to upgrade from 3.6 to 4.0 – but if you want to, you have to apply the fix first.

The only difference between 3.6 and 4.0 is I’ve updated the bootloader so it’s much faster now. This is a backport of DocBrown code and allows flashing much bigger FW files in reasonable time.

Sorry for all that but my consoles didn’t trigger the bug (yet) so I never caught it in testing. And again, if anything is not clear ask first.

Catch Me if You Can

Seems like everybody is ditching their Intels, with new security issues found every day. I got into that mood as well and decided to retire another i386, a DX this time. Obviously it wouldn’t be any fun if it wasn’t soldered to the motherboard 🙂

And the replacement is a TX486DLC, another Cyrix in other words. I had to write my own cache configurator for the different memory map a full 32-bit Towns has, but I’m happy to report that both the CPU and the program work fine.

Benchmark results are pretty much identical to the 486 Marty, though this CPU doesn’t have a clock doubler so it’s still a 16MHz system. I know some people opt to change the clock generator to overclock it a bit but I decided not to. With cache enabled and possibly RAM timing tweaked it’s plenty fast for that machine already – twice faster than the 386 in fact.

I’m almost done shipping group 1 Phoebes so now I’ll have a week or two to fully dedicate to DocBrown. BTW, another Rhea batch will be ready soon as well, as usual watch the blog for ordering window announcements.